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A Level – Physical Education

Entry Requirements

Participation in two sports

PE – Grades 6 in GCSE PE or Grade 6/6 in Double Science or Grade 6 in Biology

Examination Board: OCR (H154)

Introduction/General Advice and Requirements

Physical Education continues to be one of the largest growth subjects at A level. The course focuses on all aspects of the performer physically, psychologically and practically. Each unit of the course is taught by a specialist teacher. SYLLABUS: We follow the syllabus offered by the OCR board (H154).

The study of Physical Education is not an easy option. It is suitable for students of proven sporting ability and interest. With its emphasis on Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology a Grade 6 in GCSE Science is recommended.

Course Content & Assessment

Unit G452 – ‘Principles & concepts across different areas of PE’

  • 35% of the total A2 PE marks
  • 2½hr written paper (105 marks)

Theory Topics

  • Historical Studies
  • Sports Psychology
  • Exercise and sport physiology

Unit 2 (G452) – ‘Acquiring, developing & evaluating practical skills in Physical Education

  • 15% of the total A2 PE marks
  • Practical performance in 1 chosen activity
  • Responding to a live performance in the practical activity chosen


An ‘A’ level in Physical Education is an excellent qualification for students considering a career in Leisure and Recreation, Teaching and Coaching, the Forces, Physiotherapy and other allied medical careers and is accepted by most though not all universities as an ‘A’ level entrance qualification for their degree/HND courses.

A Level Independent Learning