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Seven years at Churston

Trips are a real priority, helping students to be broad-minded and independent, and to push their boundaries. All our trips help students’ personal development, which is central to Churston’s ethos, and many also enhance progress in academic subjects.

We have a seven year programme of trips so that every student joining Churston can see the options ahead of them and work towards the trips they most want to take. Costs for trips are generally increasing, and we want to promote equal opportunities for everyone as far as possible. So promoting the programme years in advance means students and parents can look ahead and save up. This encourages students to plan ahead and to be ambitious and aspirational in their goals. Students on Pupil Premium can talk to the school about setting aside funds for the trips they choose.

I started expeditioning in Peru, and haven’t stopped since. I value travelling more than any ‘official’ qualification, and I think many employers do too.

We see some trips, such as the Year 7 residential, and language exchanges, as an educational priority, so these run every year. Other trips run every other year, and some – such as our flagship Peru trip – every three years.

Trips of course only run if they’re viable, so we review this programme periodically to make sure it’s meeting student demand.

Annual Trips
Year 7 residential
Language exchanges
Brittany, France (Year 9)
The school is currently developing cultural trips to Germany and Spain (Year 10)
The DofE Award Scheme offer other opportunities for overnight stays
Statutory GCSE and A level trips

Biennial Trips
France/Belgium (Year 9/10) 2018/20
Iceland (Year 12/13) 2018/20
Skiing (whole school) 2018/20
Watersports (Year 9-11) 2019/21
Music tour (Year 8-13) 2019/21
Sports tours (Y9-11) 2019/21

Triennial Trips
For students in Years 11-13 only
Cultural trip July 2018/21
Eastern Europe – Berlin, Krakow July 2019/22
Peru challenge July 2020/23

The trips are designed to become more challenging and develop more independence in students as they go up the school:
Year 7 residential
Year 8 music tour, skiing
Years 9-11 sports & music tours, skiing, watersports, language exchanges, France/Belgium Battlefields.
Sixth Form European and worldwide cultural trips, Peru

To help you plan ahead, here’s a guide to the cost of our latest and upcoming triennial trips. Obviously, future trips may vary slightly.

Eastern Europe 2019 (8 days) £800
Vietnam/Cambodia, 2018 (12 days) £3000
Peru 2017 (22 days) £3000

Trips Documents

French Exchange 2020 Trip Documents Trip Policy

Selected Trip Photos