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Enrichment trips have long been a highly anticipated and memorable part of life at Churston. From a Year 7 residential to an adventurous overseas expedition, we recognise the huge value that a residential trip can bring to a young person. Personal development through specific challenges, and the generic experience of travel with friends underpin the great memories formed.

Post-pandemic our programme has relaunched with a new focus in line with our school principles – sustainability, active citizenship and social justice. Each trip launched has been carefully considered as to the opportunities for personal development, learning and experience under one or more of these principles, whilst ensuring our duty of care and providing an effective, enjoyable and safe trip each time. This means that while many of the traditional favourites are able to remain on our programme, some may have a different feel – for example flying short haul rather than long-haul for a cultural experience, or exploring more local and national options than we have previously.

For information about our School Support Fund, please explore the pupil premium section of our website or if you have any questions or queries relating to the student support fund and eligibility, please contact Jo Denham via email on:

Annual Trips
Year 7 residential
Language exchanges
Brittany, France (Year 9)
The school is currently developing cultural trips to Germany and Spain (Year 10)
The DofE Award Scheme offer other opportunities for overnight stays
Statutory GCSE and A level trips

Biennial Trips
France/Belgium (Year 9/10) 2018/20
Iceland (Year 12/13) 2018/20
Skiing (whole school) 2018/20
Watersports (Year 9-11) 2019/21
Music tour (Year 8-13) 2019/21
Sports tours (Y9-11) 2019/21

Triennial Trips
For students in Years 11-13 only
Cultural trip July 2018/21
Eastern Europe – Berlin, Krakow July 2019/22
Peru challenge July 2020/23

The trips are designed to become more challenging and develop more independence in students as they go up the school:
Year 7 residential
Year 8 music tour, skiing
Years 9-11 sports & music tours, skiing, watersports, language exchanges, France/Belgium Battlefields.
Sixth Form European and worldwide cultural trips, Peru

To help you plan ahead, here’s a guide to the cost of our latest and upcoming triennial trips. Obviously, future trips may vary slightly.

Eastern Europe 2019 (8 days) £800
Vietnam/Cambodia, 2018 (12 days) £3000
Peru 2017 (22 days) £3000

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