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Studying Abroad

Extend your horizons

Please note that this information may change in light of Covid and Brexit, and we will update you as further information comes in.

We’ve had students go on to study abroad in the US (including Princeton), Holland and Italy in the last few years.

If you’re thinking about studying abroad there are lots of things you’ll need to research such as admissions, fees, scholarships and so on. Note that many of the best universities in Europe now run degrees and postgraduate courses in English. The following websites are all worth researching: The most reliable tables of world rankings Information on costs, start dates & visa requirements This is the new European Youth Portal for information on courses in Europe Information on courses in Europe A more general website concerned with studying abroad Comprehensive advice for studying in Holland Privately run European University Central Application Support Service Lists many business courses, some in English Turing Scheme

If you think you may want to study in the US you should access the Fulbright Commission. Another good website is which includes detailed sections on:

  • the different types of American Universities
  • the application process
  • admissions tests such as the SAT, SAT Subject Test, and the ACT
  • a useful glossary to explain US University jargon

Also look at The Sutton Trust US Programme which gives bright state school students a taste of life at an American university.