*Surname of Child

*Forename(s) of Child

*Date of Birth

*Full Address and Postcode


*Parent/Guardian Email Address

*Parent/Guardian Contact Number

*Primary School Attended

*Does your child need any special requirements to enable them to take the test?

If yes, please specify:

*Is your child in receipt of Free School Meals:

*Has your child received Free School Meals in the last 6 years (Do NOT include the universal meals scheme in Reception, Years 1 and 2):

*Does either of your child's parents serve in the Armed Forces:

*Has your child been registered as a 'service child' on the January school census at any point since 2015:

*Does either of your child's parents have a full commitment as part of the full-time reserve service:

*Is your child a Looked After Child (by the Local Authority):

I / We grant permission for the personal data we have supplied to be shared with approved Data Processors, Test Providers and other Admission Authorities performing similar testing for any reason deemed necessary in order to ensure the integrity of the process and the tests. At all times Data Processors, Test Providers and other Admission Authorities agree to treat all personal data strictly in accordance with the Data Protection regulations currently in force.

*I / We have read and agree to the above statement.

*Name of Parent or Guardian: (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr)

*Todays date

If at the time of the tests you become aware of any circumstances which you feel may affect your child's performance, please contact each of the selective schools you are applying to in writing within 14 days of the tests in order that this may be considered by the Admissions Panel.

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