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Head of Department: Mrs I Bright

Department team: 

  • Miss L Lisse
  • Mr A King

Speaking a foreign language can lead the way to great experiences in your work, education, and travel. As an official language of 29 countries across the globe, French is one of the top choices for language learners.  Organisations like NATO, the United Nations, and even the International Olympics Committee all use French as an official language. French  will provide you with the opportunity to talk with locals from countries like France, Canada, Switzerland, Monaco, and many African nations.

Confidence in French will make traveling easier, safer and more enjoyable. Learning French gives you access to French  fashion, culinary arts, theater, dance, visual arts, and architecture all will become more accessible. 

Another reason to learn French is to expand your educational options, for example by studying in France. There is no doubt that  you could  experience a different way of life and improve your knowledge of the French language, but beyond this, you could undeniably increase your employability by forging business links in France. Renewable or nuclear energy, Manufacturing and Technology are amongst the largest industries in France, accounting for billions of dollars in the country’s GDP. 

The French department at Churston clearly supports Churston’s vision for its learners. The intent of the department is to support all children in accessing and thriving  in the study of a foreign language. Social justice is key to our teaching too. The meta cognitive approaches  to our lessons and resources posted on google classroom are designed to offer challenge and support. Pupis have a strong understanding of the vocabulary and grammar needed to form the building blocks of the French language.

The department’s intent is also to enrich students’  understanding of other cultures and traditions through videos clips, trips  and songs; pupils have access to different ways of living. The department’s intent is to develop active citizenship when students create resources for younger learners and reach out to learners in other schools via exchange letters.

Speaking  French is a gift. It enables you to communicate with millions of people in a fantastic country renowned for its beauty, engineering and exquisite culture.  French is beautiful language in itself but even if it takes you a little while to engage with its sounds, it takes seconds to fall in love with its fields of lavandes in the South, its pittoresques villages, magnificent chateaux, its  food, art, fashion…the list of what studying French gives you access to is endless. Immersing  yourself in the French culture means embracing the famous joie de vivre which puts into prominent position quality of life and respect of freedoms. Welcome to the study of a language and a culture which opens up career opportunities as well as life changing experiences.

What we do

Students learn about the language in terms of vocabulary and grammar. They become familiar with the sounds too. Phonics study   is an important part of the curriculum so children can pronounce French words with confidence. 

Repetition, retrieval in all its forms is  instrumental and embedded in each lesson because the study of a language is progressive and based on frequent exposition to particular rules and words. 

Students gain the knowledge of tenses as well as vocabulary so they can express themselves with regards to past present and future events.

A range of skills are developed : Listening, reading and understanding, speaking and communicating, writing.

Culture is integrated in the programme of study as we provide students with  examples of celebrations and food experienced in French speaking countries. Giving access to the French way of life through penpals and French trips also supports the implementions of our goals to enthuse and empower our learners.

We also encourage students to discover, discuss and debate unfamiliar lifestyles, global events, problems and changes.

Year 7

Year 8

Autumn 1

All about me - basic introduction


Usual classroom language - Greetings- Numbers

Basic grammar - avoir and être / key Er verbs.


Year 7 recap and pen pal letters


All about me - entertainment and culture: television and technology

Opinions - superlatives

Consolidate grammar - tenses and adjectives

Autumn 2

All about me - Developing basic conversation: where we live (countries), higher numbers, months + birthdays

Connectives + word order

Comprehension of longer extracts of French

My school and school environment


Opinions - likes and dislikes

Present tense study

Winter celebrations: France and Canada

Paris - cultural knowledge

Embed the study of the various monuments in the topic of travels

Perfect tense

Complex opinions 

Spring 1

All about me - My hobbies


Present tense

Famous French sportspeople 

All about me - personality and style Present and perfect tenses


Understanding regular and irregular adjectives - position and changes

Spring 2

All about me - where I live : description of my town/ village

French towns villages

Opinions Tenses - present reinforced and past introduced

All about me - where I live: thorough description of my house/ flat 

All about me - food and drinks 

French food - crepes and other delicacies /cultural link 

Summer 1

All about me - holidays (destinations/ travel (modes of transport) + activities)

Ordering food and drinks Consolidate grammar - perfect tense  

All about me - talking about talent, what my ambitions are.

Near future

Famous French people - artists, engineers

Summer 2

Arts and culture in France Consolidate grammar Opinions / adjectives  

French speaking countries

French scientists

The French Revolution and principle behind : liberté égalité fraternité