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Courses: Combined Science Option
AQA Combined Science– 2 GCSEs
‘Triple’ Science Option
AQA GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics – 3 GCSEs
Subject teachers Subject teachers Subject teachers
Biology Chemistry Physics
Mrs Gardiner Dr Hall Miss Fairchild
Mrs Lewis Mrs Hollyoak Mr Housecroft
Mrs Longhurst Mr Gratton
Mr Kirby
Mrs Lea Miss Hadley  Mr Mudd
Mr Long
Dr Kyriacou
Mr Garlick

What do the courses consist of?

You will be taught by a subject specialist in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our aim is to provide you with an enjoyable course that will extend your scientific knowledge and skills. You will learn new techniques, use more advanced apparatus and understand increasingly complex models and theories.


You will have the opportunity to practise and develop a wide variety of scientific skills during the course, including:

  • Research and collection of secondary data.
  • Planning experiments for the collection of primary data.
  • Analysis and evaluation of scientific data.
  • Using scientific data to make judgements about current affairs.
  • Developing scientific ideas.

Double or Triple Science?

All students will need to study either Combined Science (Double Science option) or will opt to study Separate Science GCSEs (Triple Science option).  All students therefore have a balanced science education containing Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

This course, which students will need to opt for, leads to three separate GCSEs in the separate subject areas. This will provide a more demanding course at GCSE, which will make the step up to A level easier, and help to enhance progression to higher grades at A level. Science A levels are a popular choice within years 12 and 13.  We currently have 12 classes of students studying Science A levels. Our students enjoy Science and have used these A levels as a springboard to an incredible variety of careers including Medicine, Engineering, Scientific Research, Scientific Exploration and Law.