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GCSE – Food and Nutrition


The course will be taught by focused practical tasks that develop a range of technical skills and knowledge of materials and processes.

Food Technology aims to promote the careful and thoughtful use of ingredients and components to encourage the development of a wide range of skills and knowledge to produce creative, innovative food products.

Students will look at diet & nutrition; understand how to modify dishes to promote health through altering or substituting ingredients and/or by changing the method of cooking. They will also study the nutrients found in the structure of a range of common foods and the function of ingredients.

Students will be expected to gain knowledge and understanding of practical processes and technical skills associated with cooking.

The impact that the use of Food Technology has on the environment, including the need to consider sustainability and health and safety will be studied.


The food and drink industry in the U.K. and worldwide is huge and employs a large number of people.  Here are just some of the career opportunities which involve working with food; dietician, food journalist, food marketing and advertising, micro-biologist, nutritionist, working in food magazines, radio and television.