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GCSE – Drama

What does the course consist of?

The course consists of exploring, understanding and performing a range of theatrical styles and genres.  Performance, evaluation and analysis are the key elements of this course.

Course Outline

Component 1 –Devising – 40%

Students will create a devised performance in groups based on a starting point given to them, a few examples of these starting points are:

A piece of Music

A theme

An Image

All performances will be supported by a portfolio showing the evidence of their devising process, the portfolio can made up of a combination of writing, images, notes & script annotations.

Component 2 – Performance from Text – 20%

Students will explore two key extracts from a performance text.  They will then create a performance of the two key extracts to a visiting examiner.  

In addition we can provide opportunities for a small number of students to undertake lighting or set design for Components 1 & 2.

Component 3- Written Exam- 40%

The written exam takes place at the end of Year 11 and is split into two sections.

Section A: Students will answer questions on a play studied during the course.  Worth 45 Marks

Section B: Students will analyse and evaluate a piece of Live Theatre they have seen during the course.  This means that we will take the students to the Theatre during the two years.  Worth 15 Marks


At its heart Drama is an academic subject which requires a level of understanding of literature, language and the human condition. It practically explores a variety of ways of communicating ideas to an audience in a creative format, whilst honing the presentation skills of the individual.  The course explores a range of theatrical styles and skills with performing at their core

Drama is group based, presentational subject and thus helps students refine key employability skills.  Drama covers the team work, communication, presentation, and problem solving skills which are so essential in the world of work.   These skills are valuable in a range of careers

Other information

What do you need if you want to opt for the course?

Commitment: You will be required to attend extra rehearsals to develop your devised pieces for paper two.  You must be prepared to perform in front of an audience.

Enthusiasm: Vital if you wish to be successful in Drama.

Team Player: You will be working in a group for the majority of the time so the ability to work in a team is a key element to success.