Live About 6th Form

Churston Ferrers Grammar School


  • Twitter LogoChurston Athletics Championships Results: 1st - Singer (1034 pts), 2nd - Brunel (1028 pts), 3rd Gilbert (909 pts), Thompson - 856 pts), 5th
  • Twitter LogoPre-Sports Day Results. The story so far is: 1st - Brunel (484 pts), 2nd - Singer (469 pts), 3rd - Thompson (393 pts), 4th - Gilbert (390
  • Twitter LogoBEAUTY AND THE BEAST THE MUSICAL AUDITIONS! Performances will be on the 7th, 8th & 9th of February 2017 (Rehearsals all day Sat 8th January,
  • Twitter LogoDRAMA CLUB: I am out of school on Wednesday on a course so Drama Club will take place on Thursday lunchtime this week. If you cannot make i
  • Twitter LogoThe 6th Form Common Room will not be available to you on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning this week. This is due to the Year 13 Leavers