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Why do we have ‘Seven years at Churston’?

Our enrichment trip programme is an integral part of our commitment to create independent learners at Churston.

We want to encourage students to forward plan and to be ambitious and aspirational in their goals.  We see certain trips as an educational priority so these are available annually e.g. Year 7 Residential, Language exchanges.  These offer excellent opportunities ‘to push the boundaries’ and can really enhance progress in subjects as well as help student’s personal development.

As a school we want trips running nearer to maximum numbers rather than minimum numbers bearing in mind the time and commitment required from staff.  This was a reason for changing trips to once every two or three years.  Costs are generally increasing for trips, and we want to promote equal opportunity as far as possible.  Hence we are promoting a programme years in advance so that students and parents can look ahead and save.  Gone are the days when trips get announced unexpectedly!

Trip Documents

French Exchange 2018 Trip Documents Vietnam Trip