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Head of Department: Mr B Lovick

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  • Mr R Kirby

Physics is arguably the most exciting and intellectually stimulating of the natural sciences. It is the most fundamental, and underpins all science and engineering. Topics in physics range from the quantum world of subatomic particles to the formation of the universe. Between these extremes are studies of atoms and the materials that make up the world in which we live.  An understanding of physics allows us to be active citizens within this world.

Advances in physics are responsible for many of the benefits of modern society. For example, physics has transformed communication and computational technology, x-rays, radiotherapy and MRI are indispensable in health care, and lasers are employed in a variety of useful ways from medicine to machinery.  Physics has a continuing, vital role to play in developing alternative energy sources which will be essential for moving forward into a sustainable world.

What we do

The curriculum at KS3 has an emphasis on clarity, understanding and enjoyment. What we teach at KS3 is designed to underpin key ideas at KS4 (GCSE) with plenty of opportunity to undertake practical work and level up on knowledge acquired at primary school. 

There is the opportunity for students to exercise their curiosity and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them, while getting to grips with the scientific method. Ideas are tested and conclusions are drawn.

Students will continue to revisit ideas presented in KS3 throughout their physics education, delving deeper into their understanding and developing their problem solving and analytical skills at each key stage.

Year 7

Year 8

Topic 1

Gravity and contact forces

Pressure and Speed

Topic 2

Current, Voltage and resistance

Heating Cooling and work

Topic 3

Energy transfers and energy costs

Wave properties and wave energy

Topic 4

Sound and Wave effects

Magnetism and electromagnetism 

Qualifications in physics can lead to a range of stimulating and well paid careers which can have a real impact on society. 

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