Churston Ferrers Grammar School

Tel: 01803 842289



Head of Department: Mrs R Brooks (Assistant Head Teacher)

Other members of staff:

  • Richard Ashworth (Further Maths & Core Lead)
  • Joanne Barnhoorn (KS3 Lead)
  • Karl Butler (A Level Lead)
  • Rachel Fotheringham
  • Karen Hall
  • Bethany Martin
  • Edward Mudd (Maths & Physics)
  • Paul Sutton

Exam Board: Edexcel

What does the course consist of?

Students will cover the following broad areas: number; algebra; ratio and proportion; geometry and measures; probability and statistics. As they progress through the school they will build upon the fundamental skills they developed at primary school to solve more complex and abstract problems.  As well as learning how to apply their knowledge and skills to those everyday problems e.g. budgets and interpreting the graphs that are presented in the news, they will also develop the skills to start asking more questions about how things work e.g. how do aeroplanes take off?

We want all our students to become  confident mathematicians, so they can perform mathematical routines with fluency, reason mathematically and find creative solutions to unfamiliar and novel problems.

The table below provides some more detailed information about what students will be studying in each year.

Maths Curriculum Overview


Mathematics can lead you into a variety of careers, from engineering and computing to medical research. Employers like to see that people have done well in maths because it shows that they can problem solve as well as apply and understand complex processes. So you may not use the mathematical process it-self  but a strong understanding of maths demonstrates you are able to follow a process and solve complex problems. Mathematicians are often appreciated for their logical thinking; their ability to model problems; to make predictions and their perseverance!

11+ Guidance Letters

Unfortunately, we have been advised of a delay to the results of the 11+ examinations. The guidance letters will now be sent by first class post on Monday 18th October 2021 at the earliest.