Churston Ferrers Grammar School

Tel: 01803 842289



Head of Department: Mrs R Brooks (Assistant Head Teacher)

Other members of staff:

  • Richard Ashworth (Further Maths & Core Lead)
  • Joanne Barnhoorn (KS3 Lead)
  • Karl Butler (A Level Lead)
  • Rachel Fotheringham
  • Karen Hall
  • Nicola Howe
  • Bethany Martin
  • Edward Mudd (Maths & Physics)
  • Paul Sutton (Maths & Computer Science)
  • Alex York (Maths & Physics)

Exam Board: Edexcel

What does the course consist of?

Students start the GCSE course in Year 9, which is now grade 9 – 1, where 9 is the highest.

The GCSE course builds and extends the topics covered in Key Stage 3 and includes the study of Number, Algebra, Geometry & Measures, Statistics & Probability and Ratio & Proportion. The new GCSE has a stronger emphasis on ‘problem-solving’ and therefore students are encouraged throughout the course to apply mathematics to real-life situations and develop their problem-solving skills through various tasks.

Assessment and Controlled Assessment

The assessment consists of three written papers at the end of Year 11. Each paper is 1.5 hours long and all three papers are equally weighted. Paper 1 does NOT permit the use of a calculator, whereas Paper 2 and Paper 3 do permit the use of a scientific calculator. Each paper can test the whole of the syllabus and on each paper the questions get harder as the candidate progresses through the paper.

There is NO controlled assessment within Mathematics.

To help prepare students for the linear assessments at the end of the year, all classes sit formal internal assessments throughout the year as well as two examination papers (one non-calculator paper and one calculator paper) in the formal end of year exams.