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GCSE – History

Exam Board: Edexcel

What does the course consist of?

In Year 10 students study the History of Medicine Through Time from 1250, the Middle Ages  to the present day. There will also be a case study focus on the British sector of the Western Front during the First World War. Students will also study the reigns of King Richard I and King John, 1189-1216.

In Year 11, Germany 1918-39 is studied. This includes Weimar Germany, the Rise of Hitler and Life in Nazi Germany. Students will also study the American West 1835-1895. This includes learning about the expansion of America, lawlessness in the Wild West and the destruction of Plains Indian way of life.


History at GCSE will enable students to analyse large amounts of material and information and present this concisely and in a coherent logical manner. A History GCSE qualification shows that you can effectively communicate and argue your case. This is important for a number of careers where you are required to digest large amounts of data and produce a written report. The skills students develop through studying GCSE History are transferable to many other subjects which require students to construct a written response to examination questions.


A good grade at History GCSE can give you the skills most employers want whatever career you have in mind.

Other Information

At the council of Europe they believe ‘Historical awareness should be an essential part of the education of all young people’.  How else can you make sense of the present unless you have a good understanding of the past?