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A Level – Chemistry

Entry Requirements: 

Core and Additional Science – Combined Science – Grade 6/7 or Chemistry – Grade 7 and Mathematics – Grade 7

Examination Board – OCR B(Salters) H433

Introduction/General Advice and Requirements

This course offers an interesting and varied 2 years of study for those who would enjoy extending their knowledge of Chemistry beyond GCSE. The Salters Chemistry course is structured in a series of modules known as storylines. Each of these brings together ideas from different areas of Chemistry to address topics such as the development of fuels, the importance of ozone, or the use of metals in different applications including medicines.

The course places a particular emphasis on practical chemistry. There is no marked assessment of practical work, instead, there will be written questions about practical techniques. Students who complete a required set of practical activities receive a Practical Endorsement to their A Level.

Chemistry is a very attractive subject to employers and Universities. As well as continuing with Chemistry or related studies, it is essential for any medical or veterinary courses. I look forward to meeting all those who are keen to make the most of this opportunity in September.

I am happy to discuss the specification and its requirements in more detail with anyone who may be interested in joining our group.

Course Content & Assessment

A theme-based approach which covers the whole range of modern Chemistry:

• Elements of Life

• Developing Fuels

• Elements from the Sea

• The Ozone story

• What’s in a Medicine?

• The Chemical Industry

• Polymers and Life

• Oceans

• Developing Metals

• Colour by Design

There are three written examination papers at the end of the two-year course. They are:

Fundamentals of Chemistry (110 marks, 41%)

Scientific Literacy in Chemistry (100 marks, 37%)

Practical Skills in Chemistry (60 marks, 22%)

There are also 12 practical activities, carried out over the two years, which must be completed in order to qualify for the Practical Endorsement.


There are former Churston A Level students in the Chemistry departments of many Russell group universities and they are well on the way towards successful careers in industry and research. Chemistry is an essential A level for any medical or biological degree course and very useful for Engineering courses. Universities are aware of the demands of A level Chemistry – a high grade will help you to gain a place on any degree course, even in unrelated subjects such as French or Law.

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