Bonjour from Furzeham primary school – Hola from Brixham CoE primary school

On Tuesday 29th October Churston welcomed the children from Brixham CoE primary school for a Spanish workshop. On Tuesday the 26th November it is the wonderful children from Furzeham primary school who spent the day at Churston.

All of the children engaged in a range of fun activities to improve further on their Spanish and French. Señora Clark is responsible for foreign languages at primary school and it is with great pride that the children started counting and introducing themselves in Spanish. French at Furzeham is supported by Miss Wilkinson, the children did the school proud..

The day started with the game 11 for number practice, we learnt about sea and forest animals in Spanish and French. From the freeze game, hot potato and running dictation games, the children were engaged and spoke with great fluency! 

They were all a credit to their respective school, loved the activities and were a joy to teach,

La Señora et madame Bright 

Asia – Loved copying what you did; when you jumped, we jumped.Henry: I enjoyed learning the names of the sea animals, like tortuga and the tour of the school.

Robyn: I like that it was  great fun. Learning sea animals, like tortuga, el delfin and el tiburón.        

Henry – Enjoyed everything, including the sweets!

Codei – I really Liked meeting you señora Bright, as you are so kind and I liked meeting  the 6th formers too.

Robyn: I like the day it was so much fun.  Learning sea animals, like estrella de mar, el delfin was great 🙂

Jack: My favourite part was when we played hot potato and splat.

Kacey: I enjoyed the Spanish workshop because I learnt different sea animals, I had never seen these words before.

11+ Guidance Letters

Unfortunately, we have been advised of a delay to the results of the 11+ examinations. The guidance letters will now be sent by first class post on Monday 18th October 2021 at the earliest.