Churston Ferrers Grammar School

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Thank you for registering your son/daughter for 11+ testing this autumn. Grammar schools are still waiting for further guidance to be published by the Department for Education regarding selective school testing this autumn. As always, our testing arrangements, along with those of other grammar schools, have to be in-line with these requirements. Given the situation at present, we feel that there is a strong case in favour of allowing the new Year 6 children more time back in a normal school setting, before sitting the 11+ test. Provisionally, we are therefore planning to hold this year’s testing later than previously published. We are also looking to spread the testing over two sessions to reduce the numbers on site at any one time, given the present Covid-19 pandemic. Subject to DfE confirmation, we are therefore provisionally planning to hold the test on Saturday 17th October  with the day divided into two testing sessions – morning and afternoon – with each child attending just one of the sessions. If this plan conforms with the awaited DfE guidance, further details regarding the new arrangements will be sent out as soon as possible. In the meantime, please reassure your son(s)/daughter(s) that the tests are based on reasoning skills, not topic based knowledge. However, if you have not already looked at the test familiarisation material available on our web site, we would recommend that you do go through it with your child before the test day. Understanding how the answer sheet is completed and getting used to the idea of working under time constraints will help to reassure your child in preparation for the test. For disadvantaged children, there is an enhanced familiarisation on-line programme created by FROG Media; information on how to access this will be sent to all those who are eligible for Pupil Premium/FSM.