Year 12 Photography Exhibition

Year 12 Photography Exhibition

Our Year 12 Photography students have just finished working on a community funded lottery project with St Mary’s Church in Brixham. Their photography will form part of ‘The Cowtown Exhibition’ at St Mary’s Church on Saturday 23rd March from 2:30pm onwards.

Then from Tuesday 26th March onwards, their photography will be displayed in Brixham Library for public viewing.

Included in the exhibition:

  • Unveiling of the scale model of St. Mary’s Church & Graveyard (circa 1900) (by Paul Bennett)
  • David Brumwell’s painting depicting the tithe map of 19th Century Cow Town
  • Barbara Dawes’ textile interpretation of one of the church’s stained glass window panels
  • Project-related artwork by the late Peter Archer
  • Presentation of the data-base relating to the identification of headstones dated 1850-1900
  • Photographic display from students at Chruston Ferrers Grammar School
  • DVD presentation relating to Victorian Brixham
  • Various documentary references relating to the project title
  • ‘A Concert of Words & Music’ (also in the church at 7.00pm)