Language Leaders Award


Tuesday 24th September 2019

It has been an incredibly successful day for the nine year 12 students  from Churston who have taught French and Spanish to years five and six primary school children.

It is through their genuine enthusiasm for language learning that the students made a wonderful impression on the children and staff alike!

Very well done to Chloe Howgate, Adrienne Knight, Rosa Thames, Francesco Zocchi, Rosie Wallis, Chloe Bayliss, Katie Harman, Edgardo Del Togno,Marina Russo.

Please watch them in action: recordings of  songs, games, competitions are available, photos, you will then get a flavour of their flair for language, zeal and incredible stamina!

Mrs Gorman, assistant head teacher, was very impressed by the work of our sixth formers and emailed the comments below:

“Spanish session – The session was engaging and the children enjoyed learning a few Spanish phrases and the numbers to 11. They coped well when YouTube didn’t work and adapted the lesson quickly. To make the lesson even better, just make sure to speak clearly and loudly to make it easier for the children to repeat the Spanish phrases correctly.

French session 1  – A very exciting and practical session all about animals. By using practical activities, it ensured the children were engaged throughout and also supported with retaining the names of the animals in french. They adapted really well when YouTube didn’t work and sang the song in french confidently. 

French Session 2  – Fasted paced and engaging. All the children felt confident and support to have a go. Good range of activities and teaching styles (varying of volume and intonation in practising phrases, moving in different areas of the classroom, splat). Well-presented and organised. Great use of visual and physical props, in particular, the clothes.  

All the photos are on Twitter @ShiphayAcademy”

It was rewarding to see our students from Churston team up with their international peers. It was a fantastic day whereby Churston students were proudly representing the school, doing it proud! They were supporting the community and helping develop a strong linguistic and cultural capital for younger learners.

Madame Bright 🙂