Cambridge Chemistry Challenge 2019

2019 is the international year of the periodic table, celebrating 150 years since the publication of Dmitri Mendeleev’s ground breaking work. To mark the occasion, Cambridge University set a challenge to Year 12 students to decipher the Chemistry of some unusual elements, including indium which is used to manufacture touch screens for computers and smartphones.
Over 9000 of the best Chemistry students from across the UK entered the competition, which proved so difficult that certificates were only awarded to the top 63% of entrants. However, all 6 of our students were successful. Copper awards were achieved by Lenard Hernandez and Costanza Pennaforti. The top quarter of candidates received a silver certificate, including Charley Warren and Tara Fielden. Special congratulations go to Tom Nuttall and Jacob Lynn who were rewarded with gold certificates for being in the top 9% of students. Many congratulations to all the students for their fantastic performance.
Dr Hall